Water Security & Disclosure Reporting

Fourth Element assists organisations to assess their exposure to water risk (water security) and provide support to completing their water disclosure report for those participating in the CDP’s water reporting programme (see https://www.cdp.net/water).

Water risk and water security are receiving increasing attention by organisations, corporations and even cities that are concerned about the impact on water supply and water shortages on the sustainability of their operations. We assist companies in assessing their exposure to risk, investigating opportunities for water security and developing long-term water management strategies. We also provide support in water accounting, especially across national and global operations with international suppliers.

Whether it is analysing security of water resources at catchment scale or groundwater resources, a need to evaluate the reliability of municipal and utility services, demand projections and competition for water, or even the implications of deteriorating water quality, and climate change induced risk, we will ensure a comprehensive assessment to evaluate the risk.