Water & Climate

In 30 years of surface water risk and assessment services, we have covered most aspects of surface water analysis and management. We specialise in modelling surface water systems, both quantity and quality, and integrate this with GIS and CAD systems to provide provide state of the art analysis. We assess wetland, estuary and in-stream hydraulics for both rehabilitation design and planning the sustainable integration of land development projects.

In more recent years with increasing interest in climate change we have assisted clients in analysing and interpreting influences on projects and corporate operations. Issues ranging from changes in storm conditions and associated flood risk through to joint probability assessments of sea level rise with terrestrial flood responses at coastal locations. We utilise our modelling and time series experience to analyse output from GCMs (Global Climate Models). We apply the same data to model changes in water resources  and crop yield to assess water security and food security. We are now active in assisting clients in looking at water risk as part of  their own “water footprint” assessment and contributions to the CDP Water Disclosure Project (https://www.cdp.net/water).

We have worked in a number of locations in Africa and Europe, serving the land development, mining, agriculture and urban sectors.