Our Associates

We seek to provide our Clients with a high standard of professional service. Included in this is that we ensure our service is fit-for-purpose and therefore cost effective for the value that we bring. It is the nature of our services that we either form part of a wider professional team or we partner with key specialists to provide our Clients with a comprehensive professional service.

In 2013 Fourth Element signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding with HR Wallingford for the provision of advanced river, estuary, port and coastal hydraulic services in the southern African region. HR Wallingford is one of the foremost international consultants in river and marine hydraulics, providing world-leading analysis, advice and support in engineering and environmental hydraulics, as well as the management of water in the water environment. Most recently, HR Wallingford partnered with Fourth Element as specialist river engineering consultants in a team lead by Iliso Consulting for the modelling and development of a Flood Management Master Plan on the Lower Orange River for the Dept. Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development – Northern Cape. This included the development of the largest 2-Dimensional hydraulic model ever undertaken in southern Africa.

Adam Gunn is a practicing attorney specialising in environmental law in the southern African region with experience ranging from the energy and resources sector to the waste industry through to natural heritage environments. Fourth Element’s association with Adam began in the mid-2000’s when Adam represented a large group of interested and affected parties objecting to the extensive power line network linking to MedupiPower Station in the north-western Limpopo province. Fourth Element was the EAP on the EIA and had extensive interaction with Adam and his clients during which time an understanding to our common approach to good practice and sustainable development was gained and a mutual respect developed. Since then Fourth Element and Gunn Attorneys have worked together on due diligence and environmental advisory appointments for a range of clients.

Kobus Otto is a professional civil engineer with extensive experience in waste management strategic planning, development of integrated waste management plans (minimisation, recycling, collection, transport, treatment and disposal), waste disposal site selection, landfill design, construction supervision and commissioning, and health care waste (medical) management system development. As part of his vast experience working in both the public and private sector, Kobus Otto previously undertook extensive waste management projects on all three spheres of Government in South AfricaFourth Element has worked with Kobus since 2010 on land development, mining and water related matters on new landfill developments.

Dr.ir. Marieke de Groen, MD of AquaLinks, understands the importance of getting facts and perceptions from many different people before strategic, tactical or operational decisions are made. She created AquaLinks to specifically  link the water engineering with other disciplines necessary for wise water management.

AquaLinks also initiates collaboration between the Southern African water sector and the Netherlands / the European Union.

Eco-Pulse are professional scientists and ecologists with a firm foundation in wetlands and aquatic systems. They apply a deep understanding of natural systems to develop practical water resource solutions.