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Constructed wetlands for SA cities.

Recent studies show that to improve rivers in Gauteng is going to need more than applying SuDS and Green Infrastructure on project development sites. The need to retro-fit SuDS will be important, but even that will be too slow. Strategic interventions like the proposed Kaalspruit Constructed Wetland will be needed to make a difference in the short-term. Present […]

Functional Urban Rivers

Fourth Element partners with AquaLinks and Eco-Pulse to assist municipalities plan and develop their urban streams, wetlands and river into healthy and functional urban spaces. functional urban rivers-5small

Johannesburg’s own 9/11?

Two months ago we had a storm that saw dramatic scenes of flooded highways at peak hour and human chains rescuing people from flooded cars. Early analysis suggests we may have had storm rainfall exceeding the 1 in 200 years event.

Kaalspruit Wetland Rehabilitation

More than just re-establishing the hydrology of a damaged wetland, this project is about compensating for rapid urban expansion. It is likely to present a complex balance between engineering stability, ecological enhancement and social upliftment, with many of the causes of the problems originating outside the project area. Follow our progress on this project…   Kaalspruit-Jan2016_v1

Design Rainfall on the Highveld under Climate Change

TN-1-2015_Highveld_Type3_Storm under Climate Change      Recent analysis of output from six climate models, with downscaling to the Gauteng area, offers an indication of the potential change to rainfall intensity that may occur as part of climate change. The attached Technical Note provides a summary for stormwater practitioners.

Atlasville Flood Relief Scheme

A second publication on the Atlasville Flood Relief Scheme and how green engineering solutions were implemented to achieve flood alleviation in an urban environment. Turn to page 30 of the November issue of Water Sewage & Effluent at the link below for the article. Running wild, naturally

Green Engineering Brings Urban Flood Relief

The attached article provides details on Fourth Element’s involvement in the Atlasville Flood Relief Scheme just east of OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, Gauteng. The project which started out with the main engineering focus on flood relief has since developed into one of the flagship green infrastructure development projects of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. […]

Managing Flood Risk On the Orange River

A group of international water experts have teamed up to provide hydraulic modelling and flood management solutions for the Lower Orange River. The project includes one of the largest hydraulic models in the country detailing over 350 km of river, covering the vineyards and wheat fields from Boegoeberg Dam, near Groblershoop, to Onseepkans